Custom Plastic Tubes – Clear CAB and Clear PETG

main_customsizePetro Packaging Company Inc. manufactures superior quality plastic tubes, extruded in thin and heavy wall  diameters ranging from 1/8″ to 5″ and wall thicknesses ranging from .010″ to .375″. Standard sizes are available and custom designs are routinely engineered for special applications. Current offerings for custom plastic tubes are TENITE™ CAB (Cellulose Acetate Butyrate), and  PETG Copolymer  materials.

Plastic Tubing Options:

  • Clear or custom colors
  • Translucent or opaque
  • Various shapes (square, triangular, oval)
  • Cut to custom lengths
  • Co-extrusions
  • UV grades for outdoor use
  • FDA grades for food and medical applications
  • Friction fit overcaps or plug style caps for most standard size tubes

Value Added Services:
Drilling, Notching, Punching, Slitting, Labeling, Taping.

Custom Plastic Tubes Are Ideal For:

  • Visually interesting, attractive Point-of-Purchase presentation
  • Clear packaging for complete product visibility and identification
  • Protective, reusable shipping and storage tubes
  • Industrial feeder tubes
  • Mailing tubes
  • Display poles for stackable tray systems.