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At Petro Packaging we are focused on keeping our customers happy!
We are confident you will be impressed with the quality of our plastic tubes
and our excellent customer service.

  Quality virgin materials used
  Tube edges are smooth and clean
  Thin-wall tubes are flexible, durable, and shatter proof!
  All tubes & extrusions are crystal clear
  Tube lengths and diameters have close tolerances to meet your requirements

Plastic Extrusions Manufacturers and the Hula Hoop

plastic extrusions manufacturersPetro Packaging is one of the leading custom plastic extrusions manufacturers in the industry. Our extrusion expertise was founded during the infancy of the plastics revolution.

In the late 1950’s, the Petro family embarked on an industry that was uncharted and relatively unknown at the time. With the development of the Hula Hoop and the garden hose, custom plastic extrusions manufacturers engineered new products that emerged at a dizzying pace. The extrusion process exploded and new thermoplastics were being developed providing unlimited opportunities for almost every industry.

The Petro family took advantage of this opportunity, purchasing extrusion equipment and employing the services of the returning veterans of WWII. Self taught and self motivated, the Petro story began.

Custom Extrusions – The Clear Advantage

Petro Packaging And Provista™ Copolymer offer unmatched performance to meet the demanding needs of custom extrusions in the P.O.P. marketplace.


  • 40 years of extrusion experience
  • Quality processing
  • Satisfied customers

  • Sparkling clarity and gloss
  • Toughness with flexibility
  • FDA compliance

Petro Packaging custom extrusions offer clear economical strength

Improve applications such as pricing channels, sign holders, free standing display components, shelf dividers, slatwall accessories, and much more.


PROVISTA™ is a registered trademark of Eastman Chemical Company.


Clear Plastic Tubes for Industrial Tool Packaging

End Mills…Drill Bits…Bearings…Gears…Welding Rods…Machine Parts…Gages…Etc.
Whatever the industry, one thing is certain. Our clear plastic tubes for industrial tool packaging prevent damage to your valuable products during shipping and handling.

For over four decades, Petro Packaging has been an innovative supplier of clear plastic packaging tubing, providing a cost effective method to protect industrial tooling from the manufacturing floor to the retail display.

Crystal clear with tight fitting closures, Petro Packaging’s clear plastic tubes for Industrial tool packaging, have also been proven to attract customer attention, strengthen brand awareness, and create more market opportunity.

Unique colors and styles of closures help to differentiate product lines and organize tool systems either at home or on the factory floor.

Visit to see which size tubes best fit your needs.

Clear Plastic Fishing Tubes for the Sport Fisherman

url2“Petro Packaging’s clear plastic fishing tubes provide an ideal durable retail package which can also double as an efficient way for the fishing enthusiast to store and organize a variety of fishing tackle including fishing rods, leaders, umbrella rigs, hooks, flies, artificial lures and more.

Sealed bottom tubes or open end tubes are available in many different sizes and configurations. The clear plastic fishing tubes can be custom cut to your products specific length and supplied with secure fitting closures. Logos or identifying information can also be applied through labeling or offset printing.

Whether you are a manufacturer of fishing products or fishing is your favorite pastime, Petro Packaging can supply the perfect clear plastic tube package for your application.


Sealed Bottom Tubes for Cosmetic Packaging

url2“Sealed bottom tubes for cosmetic packaging play an essential role in the cosmetics market, and is regarded as the ‘secret salesman’. Apart from keeping a product well protected, cosmetic packaging must follow current trends to attract beauty consumers,” says PR Newswire (an online source of news and information for leading global media organizations). Petro Packaging understands the importance of appealing packages in the cosmetics industry. Our crystal clear sealed bottom tubes for cosmetic packaging, allow your cosmetic products to show off to their best advantage. Petro offers custom printing, custom color caps, and customized free samples for prototyping and template testing. We have experience in creative packaging solutions for tweezers, nail files, nail polish, lip gloss, make-up brushes, and much more!

Click here for the full article discussing the forecast for the cosmetics industry.

Clear plastic packaging tubes for crafts

Clear Packaging Tubes Showcase Your Product!
Are you looking for an inexpensive, practical way to package your craft items? Consider clear plastic packaging tubes for crafts from Petro Packaging! We are a leading manufacturer of crystal clear flexible sealed bottom tubes for several applications in the arts and crafts industry.

Our clear plastic packaging tubes for crafts have a variety of uses in the arts and crafts industry including retail packaging, shipping, storage, displays, promotional giveaways, and more! We offer square, round, and triangular containers, all with secure fitting caps that are available in an assortment of colors! Whether you are an arts and crafts manufacturer or retailer, our sales experts are happy to work with you to find the perfect container. Contact us today!

Extrusions for Medical Devices


As trends in the marketplace shift, Petro Packaging is taking the opportunity to increase its presence in the medical industry. Petro Packaging has over thirty years’ experience in the field of custom extrusions for medical devices.

Recently Iquuem selected Petro Packaging to custom manufacture its co extruded protective sleeve for its newly designed Liat PCR System.

Medical device manufactures across the country continue to rely on Petro for comprehensive custom design solutions and manufacturing excellence as a leader in the growing field of extrusions for medical devices.



“Plastics, including plastic tubes, are currently used in numerous aerospace applications to improve safety, reduce costs, save fuel, and improve passenger comfort” stated by IAPD magazine in its list of major manufacturing industries in which plastic parts play a significant role.
Petro Packaging has been servicing the aerospace industry for over 20 years with products that include custom extruded profile shapes for headliners and cockpit interiors, to clear plastic tubes to protect manufactured aircraft parts on the factory floor. Click here to read more about plastic materials and applications used in aerospace.

Clear Plastic Tube Containers Showcase Your Product

Pen Company of America selects Petro Packaging clear plastic tube containers to protect and display their writing instruments.

The sealed bottom tubes with removable caps provide a reusable package which clearly shows off the pens colorful designs and stands out well on retail shelves.

• See through package design showcases the products details
• Clear plastic tube containers protect the product during shipping and while on display
• The light weight package design is a cost effective solution
• Increase Brand Recognition

Ask us about our Creative Packaging Solutions!

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