Custom Plastic Extrusions for the POP Display Industry

Custom Plastic Extrusions Petro Packaging is a high-quality custom plastic extrusions manufacturer for the point of purchase display industry. From design and engineering – to delivery, we offer a full range of capabilities to meet your specific POP display needs.

Our point-of-purchase plastic profile extrusions include:
• Banner Holders
• Shelf Edging
• Price Tag Clips
• Molding and Channels
• Ticket Channels
• Sign Holders

Petro Packaging specializes in clear CAB and PETG extrusions and also offers alternative materials for your selection such as ABS, STYRENE.STYROLUX and a number of others.
Our expansive inventory includes a wide range of Stock Shapes and Sizes for various POP display needs.

Need a Custom Product? Work with our engineers to create custom plastic extrusions and components to meet your unique project requirements.

Custom Plastic Profiles
Stock Plastic Profile Extrusions

Petro Packaging makes it easy for our display manufacturing customers with
Competitive Pricing, Short Lead Times and On Time Delivery!

Plastic Tube Retail Packaging – Seeing is Believing

plastic tube retail packagingInnovative Plastic Tube Retail Packaging

Many popular American food and beverages contain excess amounts of fat and sugar. Realizing the need to educate the population on the volume of these harmful ingredients, Lipo Visuals developed plastic tube retail packaging to be used by professionals and consumers alike. Hot wax is inserted into the clear tubes to symbolize the fat content of a variety of staples. Educators and nutritionists can then use the filled tube container as a teaching aid to instruct about the dangers of a high fat or high sugar diet.


Petro Packaging has manufactured a plastic tube for retail packaging with amazing precision and clarity for Lipo Visuals . Our custom plastic tubes are made-to-order so you can specify any length and diameter to fit your project needs.
Contact us with your project specifications or request samples!

Social Responsibility and Manufacturing Excellence

Custom extruded plastic tubing

Custom extruded plastic tubing and plastic shapes

Petro Packaging is well known for outstanding quality and exceptional customer service. We are focused on accommodating customer’s specific requirements as quickly as possible while meeting our quoted lead times for custom extruded plastic tubing and plastic shapes.

A well rounded company however gives back to the community through social responsibility and charitable giving. Each year, Petro Packaging donates to a charity or a non-profit organization chosen by one of our selected employees. This year our contribution was to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. We believe this tradition of giving motivates our company and employees, promotes unity and success as a whole, and contributes to our manufacturing success.

Clear Plastic Cigar Tubes

clear plastic cigar tubesCigar experts around the world have discovered that clear plastic cigar tubes with removable caps are the perfect solution to keep cigars fresh, protect them during shipping, and create a one-of-a-kind cigar display that stands out above the competition. Petro’s clear plastic cigar tubes help maintain a more consistent temperature and humidity for your cigar. Petro cigar tubes can be manufactured as regular sealed bottom tubes with caps and plugs to fit, or with one end metal threaded caps to accommodate a black metal or nickel-plated cap. Clear plastic cigar tubes are an economical alternative to aluminum or glass tubes. Custom diameters and lengths are available for cigars of every shape and size!

Clear Plastic Tubes and Extrusions Made in the USA

clear plastic tubes

“Domestic manufacturing is making a comeback!” This statement was featured in an article from Manufacturing Business Technology Magazine where they highlighted four key predictions on the future of plastics manufacturing in the United States. As the global market is changing, companies in the U.S. have discovered that it is no longer profitable to buy products overseas, and this is great news for Petro Packaging. All of our clear plastic tubes and extrusions manufacturing has been done here in Cranford, NJ USA for the past 60+ years and we’re keeping it that way.

More and more U.S. companies are seeking local manufacturers like Petro Packaging for their custom clear plastic tubes, caps, profile extrusions, etc. Injection molding is a basic yet extremely reliable manufacturing process. Our customers trust and rely upon us as a reputable manufacturer providing superior quality and exceptional customer service.

New Custom Plastic Extrusions Line Installed

Petro Packaging is excited to announce the recent purchase of a new 2 ½” Super Blue extruder and a 1 ¼” co-extruder from Davis Standard-a global leader in the design and manufacturing of high-performance plastic process equipment for tube and profile custom plastic extrusions. The selection of Davis Standard equipment will insure that Petro Packaging customers will continue to receive quality products, efficiently and cost effectively.

Petro Packaging Co. Inc. is a leading manufacturer of custom plastic extrusions for tubes and profiles. Our product offerings include but are not limited to CAB, CAP and PETG materials.

Artists Love Clear Seamless Packaging Tubes

Petro Packaging manufactures clear seamless packaging tubes and caps in various sizes that are used for the production and packaging of oil sticks for painting. Experienced artists are moving away from the old method of paint brushes and are now using hand-crafted oil sticks – same texture as oil paint but with the control of using a pastel or crayon.

Our tubes are first used as a mold to form the shape of the oil sticks. Then after they are formed, the sticks are then placed in a new clear plastic tube with natural slip-on caps at each end.

The tubes keep the oil sticks protected so any damage or breakage is prevented and help keep the sticks from becoming dried out when they are not being used.

Click the link below to see well-known artist Richard Robinson paint with the oil sticks that were molded and packaged with Petro Packaging’s clear seamless packaging tubes with natural slip-on caps.

Plastic News Magazine

plastic news magazine
Petro Packaging Company was recently featured in a special article of the May 2016 edition of Plastics News Magazine. The article featured “Family Owned Businesses” and the challenges of passing the baton from generation to generation. It focused on some Petro family history, a brief synopsis of how the business got started, and some important goals and challenges of the Petro family.
The article was titled: “Every day is Father’s day at Petro Packaging.” The article was written by the owners of the company who are happy to share that their children are the third generation of the Petro Family working full time to continue the business.
Petro has always been a family owned and operated company since the 1950’s when it was first established. In addition to three generations of the Petro Family, our company has been supported by loyal and dedicated non-family employees serving Petro for over 40 years!

Promotional Golf Ball Tubes

promotional golf ball tubesTee off your next great marketing campaign with our promotional golf ball tubes! Promotional companies count on Petro Packaging as their reliable supplier of custom plastic tubes for golf balls. We provide 1 ¾” diameter clear thin-wall sealed bottom tubes in all custom lengths tailored to fit the featured products inside.   Gift pack ideas include not only golf balls, but also tees, ball markers, and divot tools.


Here are some of the benefits of Petro Packaging’s promotional golf ball tubes:

  • Attractive gift packages that make great prizes!
  • Uniquely packaged giveaways!
  • Perfect for golf outings, sporting events, conventions and trade shows!
  • Crystal Clear to showcase personalized and specialty golf balls!
  • Custom printing available!

Petro Packaging’s most popular Golf Ball Tubes:

1 ¾” X 5 ¼” OL Clear Flexible Propionate Shell Vial
with poly Plugs or clear slip-on caps

1 ¾” x 5 ¾” OL clear flexible propionate shell vial
with poly plugs or clear slip-on caps

Clear Plastic Tube Packaging for Eyeglass Repair Kits

Clear Plastic Tube Packaging for Eyeglass Repair Kits

According to the Vision Impact Institute, 71% of people in the United States wear glasses. Most people agree they purchase an eyeglass repair kit before purchasing a new pair of glasses. Petro Packaging specializes in clear plastic tube packaging for eyeglass repair kits. We offer small diameter sealed bottom packaging tubes perfect for packaging eyeglass repair kits! These tubes prove to be a very smart and efficient package for the tiny and delicate parts inside that serve a very useful purpose. Many times these tubes are placed on a large display featured in well-known grocery and convenience stores.

Below is a list of Petro’s most popular sizes of eyeglass repair kits:

3/8” round x 3 ¼” overall length clear plastic tubes
1/2″ round x 3” overall length clear plastic tubes
3/8” square x 3” overall length clear plastic tubes
1/2” triangle x 3 1/8” overall length clear plastic tubes
Clear Plastic Tube Packaging for Eyeglass Repair Kits